Mediation and Arbitration

What makes Fox Galvin’s team of mediators different?

Practical experience in the courtroom and in the boardroom resolving complex litigation matters.

For parties embroiled in high-stakes cases, the path forward may require a mediator who is not only skilled at facilitating discussions between parties, but who has walked the walk, having been part of the resolution of challenging cases.

Ron Fox’s experience trying close to 100 cases of various types over nearly 40 years provides him with a clear understanding of the risk, expense, and disruption that are necessarily involved with trials. While every party has a right to their day in court, a trial should not be sought without complete understanding of the risks and benefits of trial versus settlement. Not only should a mediator be fluent in these issues, but he must delve into the case issues facing the parties and the interests which motivate them. Beyond dollars, there may well be emotions, business interests, or reputations at stake. The work of reaching agreement, finding “the deal,” and making peace can be difficult and time consuming. Based on his years of experience in the courtroom and in mediations, Ron knows most cases can settle when the parties give full weight to the opportunity to move forward, free of the encumbrances imposed by litigation. His experience also provides a wealth of knowledge to plaintiffs and defendants as to the value of claims and defenses.

John Galvin’s background as a trial lawyer, responsible for handling complex cases gives him a perspective different from many other mediators. John has stood before the jury on multi-million dollar cases. He has obtained a seven-figure recovery for the family of a woman killed in a trucking accident. He has served as Lead Counsel in MDL litigation. He developed a solution, as National Settlement Counsel, to resolve 100% of claims of 10,000 individuals and over 100 businesses with commercial litigation claims in excess of $1 billion. He has crafted settlements of nationwide class action cases and environmental matters that brought to an end years-long litigation. His experience, from the courtroom to the boardroom, benefits both plaintiffs and defendants because he knows how to take a case from a disputed matter to an agreed resolution.

As Risk Manager for one of the largest hospitals in the Midwest, Suzanne Galvin sought solutions to problems that would benefit both the hospital and the patient bringing the claim. She developed a program of early intervention with a meeting between health-care providers and family members. This was a great success, as a high-percentage of claims were resolved amicably without the need for risky and costly litigation. Suzanne also has decades of courtroom experience, from hundreds of cases representing abused women and children, to the defense of multi-national corporations on class action and environmental matters.

Dana Tucker Redwing has seen all sides of litigation. As a young lawyer, she tried cases with lawyers like Johnnie Cochran and Willie Gary, winning verdicts in excess of $100 million. In addition to her trial work during that period, she also developed and assisted corporations in implementing comprehensive affirmative action plans and settlement agreements. As a defense attorney, she defended two of the Country’s top hospitals and has also served as part of the regional counsel team for several pharmaceutical manufacturers, working with company employees across the Midwest. In her 7 years as Chief Counsel for the Eastern District of Missouri under the former Attorney General, she represented clients in scores of state and federal trials, mediations and arbitrations.

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